Hailing from Belfast Wilfie has been around a corner or two bringing his music to faithful fans.
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Married young with a young family to care for Wilfie found himself taking jobs to make ends meet, a welder by trade he spent 10 years in the shipyard in Belfast and considerably many more years taking various jobs,, cleaning cars ,washing windows, serving petrol , even driving an undesirable around town, plus gigging at weekends as much as possible, just about anything that kept the wheels turning. The last 3 years have seen him release 2 EPs and at last his first full album. Having already managed to play in the Bluebird cafe Nashville, perform on the Music City Roots show, and play to packed houses throughout Ireland and Europe he is hoping to continue bringing his own brand of music to anyone who will take the time to listen..

Wilfie remains a rather illusive character with his original material but his talent for song writing is at last starting to be regonised and with an ever growing fan base he is heading in the right direction albeit at his own pace
— Local Press
Wilfie is the real deal, a soulful songwriter with the ability to tug at your heartstrings with every note. A rare talent with a easy going charm all of his own...
— Ralph McLean . BBC RADIO
Wilfie’s songwriting and sense of melody immediately makes you stop and pay attention. Add to that a voice that sounds like its been walking the road for 1000 years, and it makes for an intoxicating combination.
— Alastair McMillan. Van Morrison . U2.